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<p>Hey everyone! My name is Gio and I'm trying to organize a RWD drift group here in the north NJ and NYC area. I have put out a flyer at my local shop and tried to convince them to open a track but he is not interested due to cost and "lack of interest". I have convinced him to begin stocking MST RMX 2.0 s so that's a start.</p><p>I am calling it ULTRA. I have set up an Instagram (@ ULTRA.RC) and have been promoting it through my other account (@&nbsp; .</p><p>Please contact me if you are interested in taking part in any way. Whether as a fellow drifter or in a sponsorship capacity to help me set up a track for us. Definitely need fellow Drifters to come hang out and drift to get the movement going. The RC drift scene is basically non existent here and I want to change that with your help.</p><p>End goal:&nbsp; ULTRA rc drift track and shop. Go to D1-10 Worlds with ULTRA team members.&nbsp;</p>

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