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New RC Guy Here
Hi All,

I have always wanted to get into RCs and drift RCs caught my attention and I finally pulled the trigger.

I ordered:

- Tamiya TT02-D in the Supra
- Body scissors and body reamer
- A 7c battery.
I know I still need a charger, paint, and my radio system.
What do you guys recommend for a good beginner radio system? I want to spend around 50-75 on it, but 100 max.

What else will I need to buy out of necessity or would make my life a lot easier.

I would suggest not to skimp on the radio system. I would suggest getting either Futaba or Sanwa they have some entry level radios . Over on FB there is a Sanwa MV-X used for $58 they run around $100 new. I have a Futaba 4PV which is really a nice radio but it's a little more that you said you wanted to spend. I recently picked up a Futaba 4PL with 3 rx for $100 so there are some deals out there if you look. Get a good radio you won't be sorry down the line.
Exceed RC MadPulse awd

+1 yes

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