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New Sakura D body/tires/wheels
Hey guys - newbie drifter looking for some advise. Have poured over all the threads but havent seen a specific answer to my questions.

1. Looking for a body (without having to ship from asia) - so I am guessing that restricts my bosy choices to HPI and Tamiya ??

2. Also looking for a body that I wont have to trim the front foam bumper. Any suggestions?

3. when running a 200mm body - do drifter sometimes use different offsets for the front and rear. IE 6 in front and 9 in rear? Does this cause any problems?

4. plan on running Raikou tires - i guess D70 from all I have read as I will be on asphalt/concrete. Anyone tried the DP20 or DP30s?

Thanks in adavance.
tamiya makes a honda crz that fits over the foam. ive heard any BRZ body will fit too. most people just run them bumperless cause its so restricting for body choices.

check blackstar hobbies dot com they have other brands and ship from florida. they do carry R2 hobbies bodies though so beware.

yes, staggered offsets people do. i usually always do it just for looks and front wheelwell clearance.

on facebook find the sakura D3 brotherhood. those guys can help you with this chassis pretty much instantly.

i know nothing about raiku tires so cant help you there.
nose on Tamiya BRZ is tighter than Tamiya 86, even on a normal chassis.
I doubt it'll go over D3. Only about 30% of my shells sit nice on D3 (with full foam).

Tamiya Supra might give an inch of clearance :)

HPI shells usually have short noses than scale, whereas most Yok shells are ok.
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Thanks gerakatom and tamiya. I'll check in to those bodies. I have been to blackstar hobbies but
didnt realize they ship from Florida.
if you are in USA & don't want to import I'd go Tower Hobby or Amain
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I've also had good luch with
They are based in Kalifornia and also carry a good selection of D3 parts...
people usually run different offset wheels front/rear because it looks better. I've heard that running different offsets effects handling, and it probably does, but honestly I've never noticed it affecting my drifting. I'm by no means an expert, but I've never noticed running different offsets making it any harder or easier to drift.
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Great info guys. Appreciate all the comments.
Yes, wider rear wheels(bigger offset) will make the transitions a little slower, suit better my driving style. You can try it and will notice the diference (hopefully lol).
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New chassis has arrived. as it was preassembled - it looks like they did a good job.

There is however some side to side movement on the shaft with the spur gear and the 2 other pulleys. Is this normal?

Ordered an 18t pulley for the rear to replace the 22t.

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