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new to rc and drifting
Welcome to DM!

You said you were new to RC? As in you've never had one or never had an RC drift car? Not sure if a RWD would be suitable. Those require quite a bit of setup after assembly.

I tell anyone getting into RC whether its drift, racing, bashing or whatever to just do your research. You don't want to get into it then feel you got burned and quit out of frustration. RC drift might not be for everyone since there is no such thing as speed. Some people just want a car to do high speed passes up and down the street.
You have friends, a local track, or a local group you can drift with? It's worlds better when you have someone else there, even if its just doing power slides in a Safeway parking lot.
If you're set on getting into RC drift be prepared to rely on the internet for getting almost anything. Most US shops might have a E10 or a Sprint Drift on the shelf but even so they might not have the option parts you want.
As far as what chassis to go with, that's up to you. I'm now a believer that any car can be made into something decent given time and effort. But I still do feel that some chassis are just that much better as it is. Like swimming, some people are natural mermaids and some people might need a few lessons. So are you a get 'er done kinda guy and don't mind putting in the work or do you want more instant gratification?

Also, try not to fall into the 'elitism' trap. "HPI is crap" "TT-01's are crap" "50/50 isnt real drifting" "CS is dead" "I have a RWD, I'm better than you" You're into his hobby for yourself and not others.

Even then, driving a RC drift car may be a little more difficult than it looks. You will need to learn the all important throttle control, basic setup, identifiying a cars tendencies and how to deal with it.

Oh well, good thing youre on Driftmission!
Don't be a douche and help the next guy.

Very good post with excellent points Cheify!

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Thanks for that nice answear. Im in to it all by myself because i have no friends around where we live. Hoping to start some interest when i start in my area.
Sorry for bad language, im Swedish. :)
Im going to start drift 50/50 at first and perhaps im going over to rwd later when im feel like im good enough to try-out rwd. Thanks again for nice answears.

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