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New To RC Drifting and looking for advices.
Sup guys so I was thinking of buying an RC car for a long time and I finally got all my money for my project. My budget is 300-400$ (CAD) and I was thinking of buying the following:
-Chassis: 3Racing Sakura D3 (Starter Kit on RCMart)
-Shell: S13 Pandora, 240sx Pandora or R32 Pandora
-Controller: I still dont know and I need advice on this

Would this be a good starter kit and if not what else should I buy or what extra things should I buy to have a good RC experience?
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Welcome to dm. Good list so far

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Welcome. I would also recommend taking a look at the mst ms01d rtr.
I would be in the D3 msg boards finding out how many shims, belt tensioners/spare belts and make a list .. from what I have seen and read with 3racings is that they are "HONKKONG" and you will need to rebuild the thing properly and shim it out. ... JUST TO STATE... The one and only time I've ever bought something from 3 Racing was a turnbuckle wrench and on the firs "crank". one side gave and bent ... I WILL NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM THE MAINLAND as long as it has anything to do with the car itself.

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The D3 is a great chassis but might need some sorting out to get it running properly. RC-Art also carries them for $80usd.

Check out the Broadtech site. Their 16FM in CS and RWD versions, R31, and GRT lineup are all really good bang for the buck.
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