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New to the scene
I have been into RC everything since 1992... boats, planes, helis, cars, trucks, drones, turbines, gassers, nitro and electric.

I am mainly into U4RC these days but just picked up a HPI Hoonicorn.

I know it isn't a serious drift platform. I have however searched for ways to make it better in both performance and scale appearance.... i.e. interior, lighting, etc.

What if anything is there to enhance the RS4 Sport3 platform other than HPI's options offerings.

Any help would be appreciated.

Here are a couple of my U4 rigs...[Image: d92f3700faf8e5d016d3b4a092fb01da.jpg][Image: b3e18eeaf86c701f829d55abe38f43ba.jpg][Image: 4a6a8ba2c1213abbb6ecbb2a63af5828.jpg][Image: a0023c2f35cde19f3e472b009b4b9e71.jpg][Image: 1a773200516f020cfc37aff739f872b6.jpg][Image: 76f6c0ada40d08840414780d2e0c0763.jpg][Image: 6f3577519aa548bfb9da7d91f08ec0b2.jpg][Image: 224b84d5cc07a8fab16ca3a19bf6eb09.jpg][Image: 5dd5d6f72f2fb48952f2985092cb80e7.jpg][Image: 097b3748ffc1b74173335a72115d6727.jpg]

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