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Nissan PS13 Rising Sun
This is my latest project. Had a old Nissan PS13 that was already painted. Never tried to paint a body on the outside before so i gave it a go.


[Image: 728822DA-E9DD-4EDE-9F32-AEA696191EDD.jpg]

First color:

[Image: 6305A3FA-1DC4-47ED-A2A2-38F20DA87180.jpg]

Masking of the hood.

[Image: 16C70358-E2F8-46BD-B4C7-579023F38994.jpg]

And this how it looks now. Dont have my stealth body mounts yet so its not adjusted to the chassie yet. It also lacks mirrors, window tint and stickers.

[Image: A5BDC028-0590-4720-A6FA-54BF76FA3896.jpg]

[Image: AF05336E-7F99-4793-B2DE-66B526547B41.jpg]

[Image: DC408D40-5E0E-4B26-95A5-5A5111BDAF86.jpg]

[Image: FCAEEAE7-EDF8-453C-9D77-2D27C76DCAB3.jpg]
Nice work masking off the hood. Looks great!!
great work
[Image: 222_zpsccdcf383.jpg]

Here For the love of RC Drifting
Wing or no wing?

[Image: 117af0fd-a6cc-412d-b666-c22b1e2bd608.jpg]
Amazing Nissan dude. I love the lights.

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