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NJ drifter, first RWD car
Ordered an MST RMX 2.0 S, been drifting AWD sprints and RS4s for 10 ish years on and off, been seeing a lot about the RWD high CS stuff and decided to give it a shot.

All of my spare RC money has gone into crawlers and Mini Zs in the past 3-4 years, started to get a little stale so here I am.

Any pointers going from AWD to RWD?
Welcome to DM, LSK. Been doing AWD for 10 years and then going to RWD could be a bit tricky. 1st it will seem impossible but stick with it and should master it in no time.
Yeah been trying to get out and practice, but my best spot is the street in front of my house so far, and I feel like I'm destroying the tires.

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