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no drifting, just spinning out :(
Hi Enthusiasts,

Help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Instead of drifting, my car just spinned out when i squeezed the throttle.

The setup is a little strange, not a typical drift car as im trying to set it up so that it can drift in high speed, somewhere in between a drift car and a rally car on tarmac.

My setup:
Rear diff locked
Front gear diff open, light grease
10.5 turn
Front 35 shore 26mm foam tires
Rear 35 shore 30mm foam tires
Associated apex touring car chassis, standard
Tonight temperature is 5 celsius

What do you think has gone wrong? The tires? ESC set too punchy? My driving?

Thanks :)
I'm not a pro, do you use drift tire?
Im using onroad nitro cars foam tires.
I thought foams can get the car faster :)
Dude. Just use Drift Tyres and everything will be fine.
Sakura Zero S - Racer, part time drifter.
?????????? - ????
(10-27-2013, 08:52 PM)AmirF35 Wrote:  Dude. Just use Drift Tyres and everything will be fine.

Ok let me try that.

But has anyone has any success with some type of foam tires?
First thing i was told when I started drifting was "BUY DRIFT TIRES" or "MAKE YOUR OWN WITH 2" ABS PIPES". Either way, you want HARD tires so that the tires spin at high revolutions with lesser grip than foam or rubber tires...
Buy sof compound drift tires and u will get the exact feel your looking for. I started w/ your setup concept but it will inevitablely cost u loads of money due to the fact that the faster u go the less control u will have when crashing and parts will get you all day long plus ur setup will wear down to fast and inconsistently.
HPI Type A's (hard compound rubber) are what you want if you really want high-speed skids.
No such thing as perfect.
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Let me try the HPI super drift tires first bcos I've got a set already.

I might also try some 45 shore nitro foams.

How about locking the front diff? Has anyone tried that?

Thanks and thanks for the input ^^
Locking the front diff will cause all kinds of steering problems.

Northcraft used to make a hard rubber drift tire that was the grippiest drift specific tire I ever drove, pit shimizu also makes a very hard but still rubber compound tire modeled after the dunlop D98J.

I have both and they were too grippy on most surfaces with 50/50 to get a smooth flowing realistic looking drift. Either would probably be exactly what you are looking for.

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