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Noob needs help drift setup for HPI RS4 Sport 3
Hi all,
Just getting into this side of the hobby. 
I'm running an HPI RS4 Sport 3 w/ drift tires. 
A few questions for experts:

1. Is there s a way to convert the front diff to a one-way?
2. I want to lock the rear diff, should I just DIY it or is buying a locked diff worth the cost?
3. I want to put 3mm offset Tamiya BMW M3 wheels on the car (cause they look dope) but they don't fit. Shimming the hub makes it impossible to put the wheel bolt on. Do they make extended universal joints tha would allow me to get the tucked look?

It doesn't seem like there is a lot of drift parts support for this model. I was sold on it b/c it was an e30 M3, so I couldn't say no. 
Does stuff off the E10 chassis fit?
As far as I know, based on the research I've done on this chassis, you're in a tough spot until HPI releases the option parts for this chassis, or aftermarket companies like Yeah Racing, Exotek, etc. release some upgrades. Fortunately it looks like HPI will be real easing a handful of essential upgrades in November or December. No word that I know of from YR or Exotek (2 common HPI aftermarket supporters).
You may find parts from other chassis will work with this one, however I don't believe any E10 parts will. Your best bet would be looking for parts from other shaft driven HPI or Hot Bodies chassis. Check around HPI's website and do some research on their other shaft driven chassis and see if anything will fit the RS4 Sport 3.
I believe I saw a rather lengthy thread on another forum of a guy doing a lot of mods to his RS4 S3. Adding adjustable suspension and upgrading steering using parts from other chassis.
Unfortunately this chassis is relatively new and HPI is notoriously slow with their options parts, however right now you don't have many options aside from doing some heavy modifications and custom builds, if you have the skill and budget.
HPI Sprint 2 Flux - full carbon fiber/aluminum upgrades 50/50
HPI Sprint 2 Flux - RWD project
HPI RS4 Sport 3  - carbon fiber/aluminum shelf queen

Here's the link to the option parts you can expect before next year. The spool set will be your rear diff lock, and the universal drive shafts will benefit you as well, although won't fix your Tamiya wheel issue.
I've heard rumors about an aluminum steering rack upgrade and pivot blocks in the works as well.

For the time being, swapping your shock oil and springs for lighter/softer components, or getting a set of TRF's or Yeah Racing adjustable dampers and getting some adjustable turnbuckles to setup your steering better for drifting should help quite a bit.
HPI Sprint 2 Flux - full carbon fiber/aluminum upgrades 50/50
HPI Sprint 2 Flux - RWD project
HPI RS4 Sport 3  - carbon fiber/aluminum shelf queen

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