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Noob Question , PLEASE HELP .
Is this MINI Yokomo RTR drift package ( ) a REAL drifting car ? 

Compared to the regular sized drifting models like the D3 , D4 , MST RTR , how would this car compare ?

Is this car a REAL drifting car or is it a toy ?

I often notice many discontinued Asian model RC drift cars sold online ; when a car is discontinued in the RC world is it because something replaced it , or did it not sell well , or is it just the norm ? 

I imagine mini drifting cars to be far from realistic compared to regular sized drifting RC cars in terms of performance , feel , fun and the overlook of the drift , am I wrong ? Someone please correct me if I've misled myself .

Thank You .
Well i would say it's a toy since the scala is only 1:15 and they are not small but not big either.

When driving those mini cars, you don't need at totally big track: [Image: promotion_gift_toy_car_634649796911091015_1.JPG]

And we drift on a track that is a bit bigger with 1:10:

[Image: 17218551_779055888910898_690911383133179...e=5A3B791F]
MST XXX-D VIP - CS 2.0 - Main


MST RMX-S 2.0 - RWD - Secondary
Really nice track and pix , and thanks for the reply .

Toy in terms of performance or size ? There is a big difference .

I don't mind a smaller sized scale , my issue is performance and fun and maintenance , any idea ?

I appreciate your answer but looking for some added detail by a pro in mini rc drifting .

Did you see the link my friend ?

The mini costs more than the MST and HPI i was looking at , any idea why that would be ?

Thank You for your time .
It looks like an overpriced toy to be honest. Theres no suspension tuning availability. Everything looks fixed. I would go for the mst you were looking at if its rwd. Hpi e10 or sprint 2 are considered toys also. But if your just looking for a basher or something to just have fun with i'd go with the sprint 2 or sprint 2 flux. Keep in mind that its a 50/50 so it doesnt look too realistic. Unless you're into awd slides.
Hpi E10.CSD
Sakura D4 RWD

I appreciate the forwardness of this response because it gets to the point directly. One of the things that really gets to me about the RC world is the unorganised state of the industry / sport. Noobs like myself who want to join in on the fun often find ourselves lost in between fluid prices on eBay that can confuse you as to what is new or old or hot or not, therefore leaving people like me not knowing whats a scam and whats legit a hobby grade car. We find difficulty in knowing whats new , and are the new models better than the old ones ? No one ever gives any clear feedback in my opinion , they just purchase cars and disappear , or make some youtube vid with no info on the car , specs or review. Don't even get me started on youtube , go ahead and search " RWD VS AWD " or for example MST VS D4 , People actually make clips of such things without labelling whats-what, even more pathetic is the people who make unboxing vids but never ever return to show or tell us how the car operated !

I visit the MST website , no prices , no release dates , nothing , you're just left on your own to figure things out !

For days now I've been trying to figure out which of the RTR MST models is the newest , which is the best , what is the factory price , because retail prices online can be misleading , whereas one can find a lower grade model for some odd reason selling at a higher price than a new release. (Help I am truly LOST )

When it comes to, for example, "Locking Rear Diff" , you got guys out there making youtube clips not even mentioning why its done , they just simply do it and thats it , your left wondering , wait why am i gluing these pieces together again , lol ???

You get what I'm saying ? Its a jungle out here for us noobs , imagine having 1000 USD to spend on an RTR yet you can't get legit direction on what to buy , whats best. This is how i feel , Id hate to purchase something and regret it , while money is no real option when it comes to my next purchase , i also don't like wasting money or getting a gift for someone that simply isn't worth it. Hope you can help with some further direction or anyone else for that matter.

By the way... I couldn't even find a single website or drifting forum that has a yearly list of all the top model releases , archived by year , with reviews.

Anyways , sorry just venting here...

Just so you know , I'm looking for the best RTR 1000 USD can get .

Is there anything else right now that you think can compete with the MST RMX 2.0 s ?

I am aware the RMX 2.0 is NOT an RTR by the way...

May i ask you what you think of YOKOMO as a brand , chassises and car ?

I'm glad you cleared up the HPI thing , so you can confirm , HPI can't compete with for example Sakura or MST , the HPI website is extremely well put together , much more professional than anyone else out there , so it throws off noobs like myself .

Im defiantly not looking for a toy grade 1000 USD RC , lol... Im also not looking to get a car in 30,000 pieces with hours of work before i can have some fun.

Just curious , what the most expensive kit in the market today or ever ? Any clue ? Just curious for comparisons .

Id love to find a site that rates these types of things , like GLOBAL FIREPOWER the website but for RC products/brands instead of Firepower and nations.

Anyways thanks for the great response , one last question , says you own the HPI E10 , is that car worth the money , would you purchase it again , was it worth it , comparing it to the D4 RWD you have , how much is the difference in performance ?

How would your Sakura D4 match up to the MST 2.0 ?

How would your Sakura D4 match up to the hpi rs4 sport 3 drift subaru bra ?

How would your Sakura D4 match up to the MST MS-01D RTR / MST FXX-D RTR / MST XXX D RTR ?

How would your Sakura D4 match up to this TAMIYA I found on eBay for example , ?

I KNOW I HAVE ASKED PLENTY OF QUESTIONS , everyone , kindly forgive me , there is so much I want to know .

Thank You for your time...

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