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NYC 1/10 DRIFT 08/01/2018
Hello People of NYC

I was into RC 1/10 drifiting like 10years ago but i came back to the hobby
seem like the hobby died..... and no one seems to be doing this hobby..
Trying to find a club or group of people who still drift in NYC
I'm in NYC also, but there are no active tracks here. I go to a track in south NJ.
Overdose DRB
Overdose Galm
Overdose Vacula 2
Yup. NJ and a few guys in NY. Check fb
Team Ghost Drift
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dammm!!! new jersey?! im surprise i got messages from new yorkers?!?!
lets start a club in nyc?
Where in NYC are you? There are just not enough people in the area that are into it.
Overdose DRB
Overdose Galm
Overdose Vacula 2
Dam wtf happen to rc cars....

Im in Mid town near 48th street and 6 ave...

do you know the name of the south nj tracks?
I sent you a PM!
Overdose DRB
Overdose Galm
Overdose Vacula 2
I'm in NY. Got about 5 guys with me looking to drift.
I'm trying to set up a drift group here in north NJ right off the Path train from NY if your down

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