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One Way Diff vs. One Way Mainshaft
Brought a TT01 for my son. It already has a spool in the rear and looking at putting a one way up front. Notice that they also make one way main shaft. Is there pros and cons between each setup?
The oneway really lets the wheels turn completely Independent, when off power. - While with the oneway shaft the wheels will still be connected by the internal diff or solid axle in front, so they will be disconnected from the brake, but either wheel turning will influence the opposite one as well.

For drifting I would go with the oneway, which needs some getting used to, but makes the chassis most agile around corners, because the front can virtually turn on the spot without resistance. The oneway shaft might have use in more advanced setups (which you won´t need with a TT01) in order to make the chassis oversteer less by adjusting the diff, while maintaining the possibility of locking up only the rear wheels when braking.

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