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oneTEN Drift Network Videos
A few vids from oneTEN Drift Network events! Important always feel free to comment on the videos!!!

Decepti-Kon 2011 invites oneTENDrift.Net into the fusion of japanese and american animation culture. We had a blast out there. We also had one of our smoothest run comps ever. Judging went well with our new style, and the runs were all pretty entertaining.

oneTENDrift.Net meet @ Ironworks in Sacramento
4nspeed Subaru
Justsidewayz Nissan gtr
NisDat 916 Nissan 240sx
RcFc3s Mazda rx7

oneTENdrift networks BBQ meet fun drift! It was a blast choonz, grub and drifts with good friends! had a blast hope you do too! 10-08-2011

oneTEN Drift Network visits Fast Pace Racing in San Jose California.

oneTENDrift Network Ironworks Sessions Feb 5th 2012 This was a fun edit for me. The video was recorded from a cell phone. I figured since the quality was not that great i would edit the crud out of it! I think it turned out pretty good.

oneTEN Drift Network open track drift meeting June 24th 2012. Once again good times had by all! First time trying out our Team Tetsujin Kurbs! Everyone loved them! We would like to thank our sponsor Rent A Lift in Rancho Cordova CA, and all our members that donated to the fund for our new track supplies! I think they added a nice appearance to our portable track! I also would like to thank all our members who come out to these events and help out with the cost of the permit for our day in the park! We couldn't do it without your help! I had a great day out there didn't film alot but this is what i got.

Latest video from oneTEN Drift Network productions. Check it!!! The surface was rough the temps were 104+ in the shade. The asphalt was like the surface of the sun. The run times were short and every thing was over heating. But we had a freaking blast!!! Mad props to everyone involved with putting on the show! Was a great day out there! The video only highlights the R/C drifting however the show that surrounded us was dope! Having the car show. The vendors. The fast drag cars ripping the 1/4 mile. The Dj sets. The gogo dancers. The models walking around posing doin their thing. If your into cars you don't want to miss the Sacramento Showoff!!! Keep your eyes out for upcoming shows

R/C Drift Sessions in the garage!

Drivers and Cars
rcfc3s, red rx7 and black ae86, Sprint 2 FM mod
nisdat916, black 180sx hatch. Tamiya TA-05
justsidewayz, green s14, Tamiya VDF

This is a video by youtube user illigman he is also known as Rcfc3s on the forums. This is his video i just reworked to fit full frame. This video is his first ever video edit! Yet another oneTEN Drift Network members brings you some killer door to door cs action video!

Getting down in the garage. This video was filmed and edited by Jeremy Hulls also known as Rcfc3s on the forums. He drives the yellow and black 280zx with a highly modded HPI Sprint 2 front midship mounted motor. I (Justsidewayz) am running the green 240sx (s14) with a Tamiya VDF. Both cars are running yokomo shock oil 300 front and 200 rear, D-like MSF springs on all 4's, center and front oneways, Team Novak GTB esc, Raikou Drift S45 tires, and both cars are very close in cs percentage. Rcfc3s running 70% and Justsidewayz running 73% over/under drive ratio setup.

Promoting radio controlled drifting to the masses since 2009
Here is one I forgot to post. It was produced by oneTEN Drift Network team Kyokuro Drift Sports. The video is from a lowrider show we demoed @ the end of our season this year. The surface was the best outdoor surface we have ever drifted on! Even better than our usual practice spots.

Promoting radio controlled drifting to the masses since 2009
Nice vids!!! they look familiar lol.... cant wait to make more..
The video is a mash-up of some of our other vids all put together! Enjoy!

Promoting radio controlled drifting to the masses since 2009
Way cool!!!! love the vids could watch these 24/7!!! now if i could just get that
take care and keep the vid's coming
nice video dude
you drift very wellStarStarStar
NICE!! keep it up..
The underdog drifter....
[Image: 117.gif]
Sick vids! Keep 'em coming. Been watching these over and over again. lol
Thanks for the feedback! It's nice to receive comments from  others into the same thing! I'm glad I have made videos that you can watch over and over! Thats the way it was when I got into r/c drifting. I found some videos on youtube and I played the crap out of them until I had a car to start sliding myself! Thanks again guys your awesome!

Promoting radio controlled drifting to the masses since 2009
Hey guys I wanted to share a video from Kyokuro Drift Sports. Rcfc3s and I of wickedwayz drift crew set out on a trip out to Kyokuro land with oneTEN Drift Networks track materials. We did alot of driving and kyokuro did alot of filming. Anywayz here is what they got. I must say the walls and the kurbs look superb.

Promoting radio controlled drifting to the masses since 2009

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