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oneTEN Drift Network Videos
Ok thank u so much. I run the raikou d30s on my awd. I am
Going to try a few different types of raikous.
oneTEN Drift Network was given the opportunity to setup a R/C Drift Demo Track at Orange County Event and Fairgrounds in California for RCX 2015. RCX​ if you don't know is a large R/C expo. They have everything from planes, helis, quadcopters, cars, boats, trucks, drag racing, and live demos by experienced drivers / pilots. Also there were many vendors selling rc gear too. At our demo track we had drivers come in from the surrounding L.A. area to demo r/c drifting with us. This alone made the trip worth it meeting people I've only met on social media. Everyone was very cool and seemed to have a great time sliding the layout. Our sponsors were able to provide us with prizes that we raffled off for participating in our display. Thank you Raikou Drift​, Team Novak​, MyTrickRC​, NitroRCX​, and Gens Ace​ for providing some awesome prizes an helping us pay back these drivers for their support of our events. oneTEN Drift Network is driven to expose the general public to the hobby of r/c drifting! We just could not be what we are without the support of the drivers that come to our events. Thank You Randy Beard​, Super-G R/C Drift Arena​, Tengu Drift Club​, Kyokuro Drift-Sports​, Wickedwayz Drift Crew​, and a few others that came to tandem with us at RCX. While we were there the NitroRCX videographer with Motion 6D Video Production​ came out to film some action from our track. What he came up with was so awesome! Well your just gonna have to check it out for yourself!

Promoting radio controlled drifting to the masses since 2009
Another great video from RCX was made by youtube user ShelsWorld from our demo track RCX​ 2015 ShelsWorld came to RCX with his camera gear, assistant, and a R/C drift car! He came to the oneTEN staff and asked if it would be cool if he drifted with us and makes a film. We were like absolutely! The footage he captured was better than anything we have done. So have a look, and be sure to leave ShelsWorld some feedback on YouTube if you like his video.

Promoting radio controlled drifting to the masses since 2009
Next up is coverage from 2015 Stance Showoff​ in Stockton California. Tengu Drift Club​, Kyokuro Drift-Sports​, and Wickedwayz Drift Crew​ team up to provide live rc drift demonstration, and answer the public's questions regarding scale drifting. Well here we go again sit down hold on tight and keep your hands and feet inside the ride at all times.

Filmed by: Derek Yow​. Jay Sandhu​, Travis Spriggs​, Jeremy Huls​, and Jan-Michael Domingo
Edit by: Jeremy K. with oneTEN Drift Network.

Thanks to our sponsors! Raikou Drift​, Team Novak​, and Hitec / Multiplex USA​.

Promoting radio controlled drifting to the masses since 2009
Here is coverage by Tengu Drift Club from Stance Showoff 2015 in Stockton California.

Promoting radio controlled drifting to the masses since 2009

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