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OTA-R31 RWD Project
okay so i made a trade for a servo for this clone of an ota-r31 which will be slowly converted over to genuine street jam/eagle parts parts over time with a few other companies parts mixed in there for good measure

for now im using a crude upper arm arangement(being changed in a few weeks when the pieces show up)
street jam ball diff in the rear
stock d4 dampers(550cst oil 3 hole piston front, and 200 weight oil 4 hole piston(drilled to 1.5mm)

mst dk soft springs rear unknown springs up front(they end up being soft as with how there setup)

car was fitted with 1.3cs gears when i got it and i flipped those around to bring the fdr up (kinda had to considering my spare motor is a 6.5t lol)

has fire dance ssg style carbon fibre towers lower deck and battery holder plates fitted prior to me getting the chassis

mst fxxds uprights and axles bearings ect giving me the steering angle

have about 40grams of weight added to rear

also using a hpi dbox2 i had laying around which is function as good as i need it to,  also i am using stock plastic sakura d4 lower arms and some 5.8mm balls and ball cups from my old ms01d rear motor rwd i was running a while back 

okay now for some pictures(excuse the messy looking setup)

[Image: 2954m1e.jpg]

[Image: jq0z7p.jpg]

[Image: opv6e.jpg]

[Image: 20gb8n9.jpg]

and finnally some steering angle 

[Image: i551lk.jpg]

it actually drives okay like this but i will be continueing to change bits and pieces and get the rear to bite a little better as i need it to have enough speed to keep with the other drivers at the local indoor venue (funnily enough its a long way out so its really not that local lol)

and they also have tire restrictions so hopefully can get it putting power down well enough without having to step past mst red dot tires
[Image: f6aaf4dc323ec047aedf7bf18b3daabf.jpg]

Few updates on this chassis

Now has streetjam upper arm mounts and type c upper arm

Changed to a rear heavy layout with high cg batter tray for weightshift

[Image: 79de85e4d3ed39db0fd8d0a6e05406f9.jpg]

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i decided to go back a cs setup on this rig but i kept the fxx uprights and mst axles and put my street jam cvd's in those and went back to a stock steering wiper aswell

just short on a front belt and a pulley or 2 thrn it will be back to hybrid madness

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