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Overdose Aluminum MST Bumper Support
WeldxOverdose has partnered up with to release the first MST specific Overdose Option Part. This new aluminum bumper support is exclusive to and you will not find it anywhere else. The Bumper Support retails for €28 without VAT or €35 with VAT (for people who live in EU). The Overdose Bumper Support for MST, available in Purple, Red and Silver, fitting the normal wide MST bumper as a drop-in replacement.The new front bumper has been designed by Overdose for the best aesthetic appeal and style. The new front bumper support also adds a small mount of weight to the front of the bumper. If you are an Overdose and MST user then this is the option part is for you. Get yours now before they are all gone!Click here to purchase.Overdose MST Aluminum Bumper SupportProduct Number: Purple (OD2281), Red (OD2282), Silver (OD2283)Improved stylingAvailable in 3 colorsIncludes Aluminum bumper supportCompatible with MST normal wide bumper chassis

Source: Weld OverdosexRCBOSS

Posted on Wed, 07 Dec 2016 19:37:13 +0000 at
Wow, only exclusive to RCBOSS Probably be a hard bumper to come by down the track.
Most of OD's stuff is hard to come by down the track because it seems that don't tend to rerelease most batches (still wished I bought all their TA06 stuff). However, from what I can tell from their FB posts, OD is going with RCBoss because of the experience of one of their staff when it comes to MST products.

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