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Overdose GALM Build Thread
In this parcel I also received a red servo horn to replace the ugly black plastic one I cut down. Looks much better now.

[Image: NA65gLG.jpg]
Well thanks for time going so fast and me losing my phone I didn't have a chance to post up or take photos.

[Image: 3tUKk5b.jpg]

[Image: gvgkJEx.jpg]

Few pics of a body i'll run with for now.

[Image: GI4VXbq.jpg]

[Image: l9bswWN.jpg]
Didn't really have time to do much for a while and then I finally managed to get my pad down which motivated me to get back onto the build.

[Image: SWNx01C.jpg]

[Image: 0SPcTgA.jpg]

Slab is 9 x 4m which is enough room to have fun on after work and weekends. Put down some tape to get so plans on what I am trying to achieve. Once i'm happy with the layout I will do something a lot better than just tape.

[Image: ikYXw59.jpg]
This is when I lost my phone. Ended up deciding on a Acuvance (KEYENCE) Xarvis Red ESC and don't have any photos of it when it arrived or me installing it.

Still have to tidy of the wiring but couldn't wait to give it a try.

[Image: tLjoQzQ.jpg]

[Image: Azw2RTM.jpg]

I'm stoked with how it drove with the standard kit setup. Love it. Thanks to busy life and bad weather I haven't had to give it a really long good run yet.

[Image: sk7wAch.jpg]
Next on the list was to install the Overdose Galm Aluminum Rack OD2397.

[Image: Tbc1qsE.jpg]

Contents of the kit.

[Image: 0LJZJwA.jpg]

Built and comparing it with the standard plastic rack.

[Image: P5yBtD7.jpg]

[Image: dHgHjCD.jpg]

I built the rack going via the included instructions however that would require different length tie-rods and adjustable ackermann than the standard kit settings so I ended up putting the rack to factory settings the same as the plastic rack.

[Image: D2f8Vba.jpg]

[Image: G0sZUvs.jpg]

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