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Pandora 180sx HB

This more of a "how do I" thread.

I purchased one of these bodies and i have trimmed the body somewhat, but I'm unclear on the best method how much material to remove from the body.

I've test fit everything but im trying to leave as much material as i can.  My hope is to use magnets to attach the bumpers, but i want to know if anyone has a step by step guide showing cutting and marking for proper cuts.


Pics will help to see what you have done this far.

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There are lines (sometimes difficult to see) of where best to trim. Fitment of additional parts like the bumper are a lot of times trial an error but usually it's best to start with those lines and trim from there. You won't find step by step instructions but you'll get a lot in good direction if you search around this forum. But yeah, pics would help us in this specific instance...

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