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Pandora Corolla Van KE70
Fellow teammate Matt's work of art, with a Sakai-san inspiration for this build. Its hard to tandem with this, feel bad if I make contact.

[Image: img_0900.jpg?w=1400&h=&crop=1]

[Image: img_0972.jpg?w=2000&h=&crop=1]

[Image: img_0966.jpg?w=1400&h=&crop=1]

[Image: img_0960.jpg?w=1200&h=&crop=1]

[Image: img_1013.jpg?w=2000&h=&crop=1]

[Image: img_0915.jpg?w=2000&h=&crop=1]
Stunning! Work of art :)

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true art!
Gotta love old school JDM beaters. Top work for sure

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Awesome work
that is cool also whens ur next event live near chicago
(04-01-2016, 10:00 PM)chief-andy22 Wrote:  that is cool also whens ur next event live near chicago

yo, May 20/21st

event page:

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