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Pandora rc NSX
haven't decided of the problems is space... the front nose (hood) is so close to the ground, I feel like buckets would hit on the chassis or even the wheels, unless I ran Narrow wheels up front.  Theres just not a whole lot of room, plus I would probably have to make my own buckets, and Id hate to put all that work in for them not to work or rub etc etc
I feel your pain. I'm kinda trying to re-engineer my monoshock because it hits the hood in most of my bodies
I wonder, could you use demi works pop up headlights from the 180 on it? Be able to have headlights but also clearance?

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You mean like sleepy eyes? So the buckets are thinner? Seems like a plausible theory.
If you do decide to do pop-up lights, remember the NSX's lights are close to horizontal when they open.

[Image: NSX.jpg]

This may address your issue with clearance because the light buckets are not as tall compared to 86's and 180's. Or you can do exposed headlights too.
[Image: AWESOMENESS.jpg]
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yeah I know the NSC lights don't flip up a ton, and a sleepy eye would most likely work... I need to get some buckets to see if they will fit! i don't know if they will be wide enough for these... and unfortunately I have not done a 180 yet so i don't have any spare buckets so i need to order some
I usually make them out of styrene. The NSX's looks pretty simple and straight forward. I would make them myself instead of using an existing one since the NSX's are quite different from 180's and 86's, especially if you want a more authentic look. Using 180 or 86 buckets would make them stick up too high, unless you modify them. The 180's might work better with some modification.
[Image: AWESOMENESS.jpg]
3Racing Sakura D4 RWD
yeah that's what i was planning on doing... making them out of styrene shouldnt be too going to test fit them though before cutting to make sure there is clearance
Decided to take a stab at making the flip up lights.... still have some details to add, but they came out pretty decent, and I Also added a rear diffuser. almost done!

- don't pay attention to the wheel fitment... i was just throwing it on a chassis to get an idea...

[Image: 13112528_10101453260506582_447313315_o_zps4mxaigtp.jpg]

[Image: 13090700_10101453260526542_835117644_o_zpsdxs9auds.jpg]
Looks good. Only thing that sucks is, after seeing it with the pop up lights, the body was designed quite out of scale. The real NSX doesn't have such a long snout like that. Sometimes you wonder what's going on in the heads of those who design the molds. As I'm looking at the body lines up front, it looks like you could probably cut off the front bumper and tuck it into the hood and fenders to shrink the nose a bit for scale. If I ever decide to get this body, I'll try this.

Other than that, it looks really good. Awesome job.....and diggin' that color more and more every time I see it.
[Image: AWESOMENESS.jpg]
3Racing Sakura D4 RWD

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