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Pandora rc NSX
I see what you're saying, but I think its kind of the angle if u look back at the profile image i posted, The nose is pretty stubby, like the real thing, Its not exactly perfect but the picture i posted with the pop up lights, its kind of exaggerates the front end to be a bit longer.  That being said it still is a bit longer than 1:1
[Image: 7030586409_52f708e60c_b_zpsy7yzaqoo.jpg]

[Image: 12998541_10101444678155682_1977485657293...h9ohzu.jpg]

see its not that far off.... but not exactly Scale LOL
Yeah they try their best at making these bodies while being confined to a 10" wheelbase. It does look pretty close from the side. I think what happens is that they can get one angle to look right but it might throw off other angles in the process so they have to make some kind of compromise with the body's overall look.

Tamiya's NSX looks pretty good, then again they've made so many plastic models of the car so they really capture the true look compared to other companies, except Tamiya does make their bodies a bit too small and narrow at times (probably for TT01 fitment with 0-2 offset wheels).

Anyway, I'm really diggin' the body, since Pandora didn't do a great job with their display one. How's the headlight clearance when they're down?
[Image: AWESOMENESS.jpg]
3Racing Sakura D4 RWD
Yeah i totally agree with you, and the tamiya one looked ok, I wasn't digging the hood scoop and all that jazz, just wanted a stock looking old style NSX, the flip ups fit fine for clearance, since they aren't a very deep bucket... they clear everything easily.... thanks for the kind words
No prob. And I was actually talking about their stock NSX body. It only comes as a chassis kit though.

[Image: 58094.jpg]

[Image: DSC_7709.jpg]

I know Pandora put flares and lips on their body which is why it may look like it does. I've been thinking about this body too but I'm afraid it might be too narrow and we know how Tamiya makes some or most of their bodies. Although my D4 with 6mm hubs front, 4mm hubs rear with 7 offset wheels fits a HPI 190mm body okay (fronts stick out but not horrible). This kit does sell on Amazon for $161.81. I know one downside to this body is the rear spoiler gap is created using stickers =[
[Image: AWESOMENESS.jpg]
3Racing Sakura D4 RWD
oh wow! Ive never seen that,  Yeah Im not a fan of Stickers obviously... and Tamiya bodies are usually to narrow for mw to run on my D4....I hate when wheels stick out! lol
Love the color on the body!
MST XXX-D VIP w\ Novak Drift Spec Combo
Hey I just snagged up a Tamiya NSX stock body. I was primarily worried it would be too narrow since Tamiya makes some of their stock bodies too small, but it's a 200mm front, 205mm rear and fits my chassis perfectly with 7mm offset wheels. I'll be doing a write-up on it soon.
[Image: AWESOMENESS.jpg]
3Racing Sakura D4 RWD
Hi all.

Was thinking of building this shell and fitting the stock headlight buckets on a Yokomo Yd-2 basic chassis.

Was wondering if it would fit and tuck in a 6mm hex + 5 or 6mm wheel?

Any challenges on mounting this shell?  My kit has the body post-type magnet mounts.

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