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Pandora Sileighty S13
Hi all at DM!

First time trying with Pandora shells.
*I find their plastics rather weak and require reinforcements.*

So I got a sileighty s13 from my LHS, and decided to go the standard 2-tone design.
I prefer those clean looks rather than heavily decal-ed shells, thus the simple design.

Sprays used: (Tamiya Colours)

PS-5 Black
PS-16 Metallic Blue
PS-41 Bright Silver
PS-54 Cobalt Green
PS-58 Pearl Clear

Other materials used include markers of different colours.

Here's the process!

[Image: 14j24x1.jpg]
[Image: 25ovxb8.jpg]
I have the radiator hole cut out for meshing later on.

***Light layer of Metallic Blue
(the reason will be shown later!)
[Image: j60w8o.jpg]
[Image: k2yera.jpg]

***Layer of Pearl Clear
No images as it looks almost the same as previous step.

***Cobalt Green
[Image: 2r7ybmg.jpg]
[Image: 110zo12.jpg]

***Pearl Clear for the top
No images as it looks almost the same.

***Black Top
[Image: 348kpat.jpg]
[Image: 30bmlwh.jpg]

***Simple sponsor decals and bodylines
[Image: n51uyr.jpg]

After adding the respective stickers and meshed grille...
[Image: qs1oqc.jpg]

***Added URAS GANG shark fins & Alu wings
[Image: 51v6rs.jpg]

[Image: bhiwcw.jpg]
[Image: 2dvxo3.jpg]
[Image: 35l4wtd.jpg]
[Image: 20h6x2.jpg]
[Image: 6f82mt.jpg]
With Lights...
[Image: 167ja0l.jpg]

[Image: 2le5jlx.jpg]
[Image: 2r43qlx.jpg]
straight outta Need For Speed Underground!
HPI Sprint 2 Flux - full carbon fiber/aluminum upgrades 50/50
HPI Sprint 2 Flux - RWD project
HPI RS4 Sport 3  - carbon fiber/aluminum shelf queen

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