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Paul Walker Original F&F HPI Supra
[Image: 3a238c49bee722ccd847a7ff8c2808bc.jpg][Image: 0ea9421bbde2d350e6043cfafbd61e92.jpg][Image: 37aec5c0083e80237a1b600ece48aca8.jpg][Image: 6e706c6a6fb3c78c6284bd46d09d49b3.jpg][Image: 0abcdf435d475403590250cb9d2cee6b.jpg]

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Nice job at replicating the car.
MST XXX-D VIP w\ Novak Drift Spec Combo
Nice work, cut off for the roof is a nice touch.
Thanks! That's always been my favorite feature of the targa surpas.

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