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Phoenix AZ backyard track
[Image: th_video-1462130711.mp4]
dope setup how is it holding up against the weather?
(06-19-2016, 12:23 AM)Costfree Wrote:  dope setup how is it holding up against the weather?

It's holding up really well so far. I have had to re-paint the surface twice when the paint started to look a little cracked/faded from the sun. I tarp the entire track when it rains so it doesn't get wet. The plywood will warp badly if it gets wet.
(05-08-2016, 01:34 PM)calebwalter Wrote:  We added some guard rails and opened up some corners to make the track flow better. Added a parking lot, and are in the process of adding some scale details. 

[Image: image_zpsjnfoi01b.jpeg]

[Image: image_zpslaxajmyo.jpeg]
Very nice track and i think it's so cool I'm going to have to try and build something. So you used woods and sprayed it and that all? I know it's not easy and things like this become a project but I'm very interested and would love to hear how it's held up or if you'd do something different. Nice man

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