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pickled's Sakura D3 CS Sport
I'll have a look. i'm using 44mm r31's at the moment, so the ones at Banzai might just work for what i want.
Here's a pic to show you how well the Square universal dog bones fit the wheel axles
[Image: sam1882.jpg]
That's good, how's the steering angle now? I'll update my thread later with what I've been up to.;)
good definitely around 55* maybe more
more is even better.
I think it's closer to 60* but I haven't measured it I don't own a  protractor  and my set up tools can't turn that far with the dampers and arms in the way
That's good, would be good to see some pics when you get it all together. I'll probably end up getting some square shafts or MST's at some point...
I have it together I took it to my LHS today got heaps of questions, they seemed very interested in the KPI mod.

[Image: sam1891.jpg]
[Image: sam1888c.jpg]
[Image: sam1889u.jpg]
[Image: sam1890c.jpg]
Looks the goods. I'll take an overhead shot for my thread also.
I increased my end points a little
[Image: sam1893w.jpg]
[Image: sam1892y.jpg]

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