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pickled's Sakura D3 CS Sport
Thanks a lot!  I've nearly got all the parts ordered now.  Do you happen to know if the graphite shock tower is needed to work with the Yokomo arms or should they still work with the plastic tower?
it will still work just don't shim it and you have to open the holes in the tower up a little to let the screw move freely in it

[Image: sam1640a.jpg]
thanks for this thread pickled. you have been helping me a lot in other threads and now seeing this helps give me a nice baseline for setting up my d3
hey your welcome just remember my D3 isn't standard
[quote='pickled' pid='4490' dateline='1359034556']I have it together I took it to my LHS today got heaps of questions, they seemed very interested in the KPI mod.

Thanks for the pics. Huge help with my kpi mod. Just 2 questions:
1. How long are the lower suspension arms after you cut them?
2. How is the lower "turnbuckle" attached to lower suspension arm? 3mm Tap & drill?
Thanks man
I just cut my arms back to the cross brace, I had a set of stainless lower arms made for me by skr8pn so I'm not using my original arms now I'll take some pics tomorrow of the old arms so you can see where I'm talking about
Ok here is the Image I meant to post earlier
[Image: img20130403193326.jpg]
hi dude thanks so much for this thread, i am looking to do this mod as my D3 is fully hoped up, on ur arms did u drill the holes in the middle??? do you no if the tamiya CVD's would work with the MST knuckles???
yes I drilled a hole in the middle of the arms. no tamya CVD's don't work you need at the least the MST wheel axle and you can combine that with the D3 dogbones! or find some 46mm dogbones with cross joints that fit the MST axle
I reference this thread often and think it needs to be brought back to the top for those of us that just recently got into the RC drifting world and purchased a D3.
3Racing Sakura D3 WIP thread

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