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As we have seen an in flux of new members posting bodies without helping the community we have placed a new rule into effect. All entrants must have 50+ posts to ensure the entry is acceptable.

Also as stated before all entrys MUST HAVE A THREAD IN THE GALLERY

** You must have 50 posts to enter! **
  • 1/10 Scale Only! No Off The Shelf Painted Bodies!
  • No touring car bodies e.g Protoform, etc...
  • No comments, only entries please!
  • First 10 entries will be accepted
  • Two picture maximum
  • Winners of previous month are ineligible
  • DriftMission staff/vendors/sponsors may not enter * UNLESS 48 hours before cut off and 10 entries have not been received.

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Keep Drifting Fun
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Don't be a douche and help the next guy.

looks like this is heading where the now deceased previous forums BOTM went. and nice words chiefy
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i think they are trying to keep the forums active which IMO is a good thing
the problem ive seen with BOTM is people posting the link on facebook or whatever and asking their friends, who prolly dont even know wth it is, to vote. any way we can keep it to just forum members allowed to vote?
This might also mean more members signing up just to vote for their friends. Limiting to members with minimum post count and ip tracking probably?

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It really is hard to keep the voting fair, but with the new rules to join the drift comp will give a chance to forum contributors to post their bodies and hopefully make the forum more active I suppose to get to 50 post.
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From here on out, voting will only be open to existing users on the fourm.
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sweet. ill start entering again.
I will be closing entries for April BoTM in 24 hours, still 5 slots available.

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