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Plz Help me order Alum. parts for Sakura D3
Hello everyone
I fly RC planes and Quads mostly, and now I decided to try RC Drifting.
I Love to drift in video games so I'm guessing I'll Love it for real too..

I'm ordering Sakura D3 CS and I need some help ordering Aluminum parts for it, like front one way, steering system etc.

I have looked for parts on some online stores and just got confused...

I just need to know what are the most important parts I should replace to Aluminum parts

I understand that the CS ratio out of the box is 1.36 (?) so it's ok for now

Any help whould be appreciated!

Hi Dorvack
Aluminum one way tube is out of stock

is this one will fit the D3 ? (just to make sure..)
Also, is the Belt tension post needs another part? the one with the bearing?

Thanks men
any other suggestions would be great..
I just want to order all the parts in 1 shippment
if im seeing it correctly its the same part number. so yes it will work.

also if your based in the US also carries alot of the hopups for the D3 now. they are a little more expensive but your essentially paying for not having to source everything from outside of the US

(12-19-2012, 01:59 AM)Exita Wrote:  Hi Dorvack
Aluminum one way tube is out of stock

is this one will fit the D3 ? (just to make sure..)
Also, is the Belt tension post needs another part? the one with the bearing?

robb41488, I'm not based in the US so I have to get all the parts from HK. It's the cheapest way for me
Have you checked out they carry an extensive range of hop-ups for the D3 and have compatible parts in the D3 section! also think of getting some SAK-X27 SSK CVD's as they will fix the wheel chatter problems you will experience with the stock CVD's. I can tell you that the FOW SAK-59/V2/PK for the zero fits just leave the spacer out and use the screws from the spool to screw it together but rcmart has stock of SAK-D324 FOW for the D3. Also the springs that come with the kit are too soft I recommend the purple and pink options. I'd buy the alloy bulkheads as well and the Ti gear box shafts they run smoother you may experience slack belt issues so grab some M3 washers 1mm and 0.5mm to use under the rear pulley mount to give a bit more tension to the centre belt. Dorvack recommends putting them under the top deck gives extra room for the battery. When assembling the kit take care with threading the screw holes do it slowly and use some light oil.
Here is a pic of my SSG chassis
[Image: sam1695s.jpg]
gotta love whoring that thing out :) lol
well I love it and want to show it off lol
Thanks guys
pickled, when I searched SAK-X27 on I found 4 parts (Link)
do I need to get all of them or just the 1st one?
also, couldn't find the springs you talked about, I saw this ones:


#M03M-13/V2/OP -



what shoul'd I order?
(sorry, couldn't make links when I edit the post)

BTW, your ride looks awesome..
Here is the link to the SSK's  I think I got the springs from 3racing's store (Purple SAK-D330 Pink SAK-D327). those damper parts are to short don't get them! If you want to get aluminum shock bodies swap out the plastic ones from the kit for these  just use the alloy shock bodies and the rest from the kit. ATM you won't be able to get the alloy pulleys from 3racing or anywhere for that matter but if you really want to get some look out for Square alloy pulleys on ebay and sites like banzai hobbies and japan race & drift the only thing is that they cost about 3 times as much as the 3racing ones. you stated earlier that the cs ratio was 1.32 it's actually 2.14

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