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Question about transmitter
So im in need of a new transmitter/reciver because i am noticing im getting a ton of lag with the current system im using (its a very cheap system i got for 20 bucks when i first got into the hobby)

and im curious if anyone knows if the Sanwa MX-A is a good idea to get, as i do want to later on try to drift at RCX
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Honestly, I strongly advise you make an investment if you plan on sticking to any surface RC hobby (drift, crawling, buggies, etc) and purchase at least a Sanwa MT-S or a Futaba 3PV.
The reason being that radio rarely break and they make for at least 1/3 of the driving experience. Plus you can have one for multiple vehicles. But from my experience, too many time I see people get frustrated because they decided to save a few bucks on the radio.
Both the 3PV and MT-S can be found at around $150 with receivers.
Now if you want to go a notch higher with slightly more features, I'd say get an Sanwa MT4-S or a Futaba 4PL-S. These can be found at around $250.
Don't even bother looking at the Sanwa M12-S or Futaba 4PX as these are way expensive for no perceivable advantage in drifting.
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