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R32 Drift missile
Hi everyone
In this tread i would like to show my build of the R32 Drift missile.
Its started its live in 2013. It was terrible what happen to this body. Its even survive of flames from exploding battery. After 2 years of crasching every sunday, i buy it from my friend. This is how it was look like:

[Image: 2qu85lx.jpg]

I only add a self made rear bumperless (i know, it terrible lol), to cover hole after cutting of bumper by last owner. I also put some stickers on hood and sides, to make more "unloved" XD The over fenders, not made by me, are cuted out of another R32 body. Smart, and simple

[Image: 2lcprwx.jpg]

It suposed to be a display body, on dummy chassis, and it lay in the shed for some months. After i started to convert my D3 into RWD, it turns out, that i cant use my EVO X anymore, because it wont fit the track base. So i took the Skyline, put it on chassis, and i think, that now this will be my primary body. So, first thing, engine. I found Demi Works RB26 in scrap, and i put it into body (it still need to be painted, my compressor in sheed is broken :( ) It fit nice, i think :P

[Image: 2r4inp4.jpg]

Next was sometnig on rear. I put the bumperless into garbage, and i mount factory diffuser from D3. It filled it up nicely, but it looks too poor XD
After playing in Pixel Car Racer (i rrecomend this game for all, who cant imagine details on their bodies, like wheels, paint, and bodykits, theres even a Pandem kit, witch can be put on any car)  I decide to make an 6666 wing for it. Some pics from google, some styren, some time, and i make this:

[Image: 14t95pi.jpg]

It was first prototype, but it evolve into this

[Image: 29c1mcp.jpg]

I know, its not perfeckt copy, but its make in style of RB wing. I think that it fits nice here  ^^

Thats how it looks now. Yesterday i add splitter on front, to balance look of that massive wing on rear. Its only need to be painted up. Tommor i will add updated pics, and i hope, that i will finaly paint the engine bay

 [Image: 2v8iozk.jpg]

[Image: 2u9mhxs.jpg]
I take of the overfenders, but just for upgrade them :D
Comment, love, hate, and keep drifting fun  ^^
  • Sakura D3 RWD
            - Speed Passion 21,5t
            - Nosram Devil
            - Sanwa MX-3

And thats it  Lol
Quick update
I add new rim on back (i think its much better), and i put back rear overfenders. To complete it, i need make side skirts, and it will be ready to smach on track XD

[Image: 2mme9sw.jpg]
  • Sakura D3 RWD
            - Speed Passion 21,5t
            - Nosram Devil
            - Sanwa MX-3

And thats it  Lol
liking the progress!!
I completly forgot that i have thread here lol 
So, wing gone out, because i didnt like it. The whole car is not in "balance" with it, and its not reely fit to R32. I will use it in another project.
Ive paint the engine bay, and i think its quite nice. On the outside, body hasnt change much, only few scratches from track  XD

[Image: 2luf48x.jpg]

[Image: 98va7k.jpg]

So far, its still ugly, but its beast  ;)
  • Sakura D3 RWD
            - Speed Passion 21,5t
            - Nosram Devil
            - Sanwa MX-3

And thats it  Lol
nice like how the engine came out.

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