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Rally suspension setup for drifter...
I'm not new to rc or drifting... I'm currently looking into buying another drifter. I already have all the gear from my old tamiya cc01 rwd solid axle drifter... I was wanting to weigh pros and cons of scrub factors and stuff like that...the shocks i have are trf cc01 65mm...but i have about 10 different spring weights to play with...the lowest being 1.1 and the stock crawler springs are softer so i will be working with a lot of droop... Any input?

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I know usukani has solid axle upgrades. Xex is a hybrid.

Don't know what u are looking for. Spring upgrades are really personal preference to drift styles. I like super soft settings where the car looks more like a real car. However you will lose some of the benefits of having harder springs.

I fell in love with the d-like cars. I just want to make sure I have a better one ... And strive to make it better.

Good choice on solid axle btw. Hope u find what you are looking for.

Wish I wasn't such a noob before getting the d4 chassis.

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When i say solid axle i mean like a suspension with a 4 link and a completely solid axle it had IFS though...the rear was not independent... it was a trail rig converted into a drifter...

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