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RC Drift Car Beginnings.
def could do a nova out of it... or a short javelin
Keep Drifting Fun
[Image: 9121590828_f56a93fe31_o.jpg]
Thanks, I've been looking around for months for good drift chassis and I found lots. I wanted to go with one that was an RTR. As it's my first time with a drift car. Also, I didn't wanna spend a heap of cash straight up. I like this car as it is a Touring car which I can use as a drift car but also as a normal on road car. If I ever did get a different chassis, I'd get one that would still allow the shell to fit. As this is Brocky' Torana shell which I think is pretty cool. :D Obviously this chassis isn't the best out there but I thought it'd be good to use a first car. :)
That's the problem with aussie cars they don't have a decent following overseas so they don't make the shells for us. but how much is it anyway?
The car itself is $350 for the Electric and around $430 for the Nitro I think. The shell is $70 unpainted. Here they all are here:
but they come with radio and  everything  don't they. I might look into getting one of those shells then. I didn't think you could get them  separately
Yeah, the car is ready to run with battery, charger and remote. I'm pretty sure it just needs charging first. I should have the car around late Feb. early March. When I have it I'll post some photos and I'll have some videos on my YouTube Channel. I can't find a painted version of the A9X body, only an un-painted version.

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