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RC Drift Evolution Representing.....
Hey guys, I wanted to finally show up here and introduce myself. I have been gone for a while and just got back about a month ago. I decided to hit the ground running as some of you know. First let me tell you my history and then I will jump into what I am doing.

First of all, I have worked with Drift Mission for some time when I originally ran a site called Black Sun Unlimited which only ran for a little while as I ran into some medical problems. It was an attempt to unify the drift scene. While it might have worked I didn't have the time to get it done. Thats fine though because I learned from it.

Second, I am one of the co-founders, the promoter and the webmin of One Ten Drift Network alongside JustSIDEWayz. AKA I am the guy in the background that you don't see with them. One Ten Drift Network now pretty much handles the entirety of Northern, Central and the Bay Area of California.

Third, I wrote for issue 3 of Drift RC Magazine. Well before the advertising revenue dried up. Issue 3 never hit open air I hate to say. I do give away my articles that I wrote for it but they are horribly dated now. I think they are probably better for historical data than anything.

Now the reason I tell you all of this is not so I look bigger than anyone else. I have just found that people react more readily to me because of it. It makes me feel egocentric to say all of this. Well almost totally :) I do have a certain amount of pride in it. You cant do this much work for something and not have some kind of attachment.

So, now on to what I am doing now. RC Drift Evolution. It is a way for me to help to unite the drift scene which is the same thing I tried to do with the Black Sun. This time though I have made my mistakes and am coming back with better info and a better system of doing so. So here is the idea:

My main goal is to find all of you. To find you all and create a symbolic entity that everyone can rally under. What this does is makes all of you look like one large unified entity. Because of this it makes it easier for the manufacturers to take us seriously. For the untrained eye it looks like we are just a few people here and there in parking lots with a few larger places doing the major shows. What I know is that we are Legion. You don't stay in a scene for 5-7+ years without figuring this out. We are so many it is staggering. I have only been working on the RC Drift Evolution project for about a month now, if that and I have found drift teams and groups in 10 states, 23 countries and all of the continents. And those are only the ones I could verify and speak with. (Google Translate can only do so much).

With all of that in mind I think that the manufacturers should be listening to us. Don't you?

Anyway, that is the main purpose, but there are others. These goals represent themselves to me as I go. In the last 2 weeks I have put together one major show, incorporated two teams/groups and found so many people that it is difficult to remember even a small portion of it. I am also making a big list to represent all of the teams, groups, sites and drift stores out there. I will also make up a map. I did not aim to do these things but no one should have to make the same mistakes that us original guys did. I will do whatever I can to make everyone's life easier in that respect. This will take a great deal of time. I am not even fully done with my initial site and have been doing most everything on Facebook. That will change as time goes on.


I am not here to interfere with Drift Mission's thing, quite the opposite. Drift Mission has been one of the most (if not the most) informative site in existence. They handle the technical so well that I was completely floored by what I saw when I got back this time around. Wilke and Jason are some of the most versatile drift guys I know. It is a joy to work with them. What I am doing is handling the human portion of things. Doing the stuff that no one else has the time to do or would want to do. Actively getting people together. At least the initial part.

So that is who I am. Anyone who is interested can talk to me on my Facebook page or on the One Ten Drift Network chat room. At least that is the most solid way to get ahold of me. I will put up others as time passes. I will be scanning the forums for a few weeks to bolster my records and find people so I can help them to find each other.

It is good to be back and great to see how many are actively into the scene. Remember:

We have never relied on anyone, we should never have to be beholden to any corporate entity. We can do for ourselves. :)
Welcome and what an introduction.. Where are you located may I ask? I plan to startup the drift scene in Saudi Arabia when I move there unless you know people who are already doing it.. Love RC drifting and the people who I met along the way.. I plan to visit most of the guys here in DM in the future.. This place is the home for RC DRIFTING... To me without this site I wouldn't have learned so much.. I am inspired by people's builds and awed by the creativity and dedication folks have towards this hobby.. I am hoping someone does startup a drift mag.. I am tired of seeing the RC market dominated by offroading.. No offense to the offroading guys, but where is the drifting magazines.. I would definitely subscribe to it.. I think the format that DM has for new releases and tech writeups, reviews on chassis, upgrades, electronics, and doing a body of the month would be an interesting read and help spread the love for this hobby... I am in this hobby for the long run.. To me not only is it safer that real drifting, but so much cheaper too.. Hope that you can help unite this hobby worldwide... Later!!!
The underdog drifter....
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welcome and thank you for yur contributions to the east bay drift scene. im between vallejo and hayward and its hard to find folks tha drift north of san jose and south of vallejo
Welcome to DM!!
Hey guys, I am sorry I didn't answer sooner. I sometimes lose track of my sanity, if I ever had any. I am glad to see some of you filling in the blank spots in the world with RC Drift. Just to let you know, I am not that special, I just happened to be in the right place at the right time in 2008. Met some people with a mission and a little bit of OCD. Me personally I am just driven to see the scene survive and thrive. Combat_Drftr. I am stoked to see Saudi having a scene. Of course I have already seen a bit of how crazy the scene is in Saudi. Almost as crazed as New Zealand and that is saying alot. I am located in Northern California, Sacramento to be more specific.

Oh and I have tried to start an RC Drift magazine before. It just seems that the people only want to drift and not write. They are fine with doing video and telling people about it but no one wants to help to commit it all to paper or PDF. I have tried more than 5 times. Typically I will get one to three guys who want to write and then they all forget and go away. You are however right. We need a magazine or some kind of rallying point. Now all we need is people to write. I cant do it all myself. I have so many projects going sometimes that it is hard to get things done without constant reminding. The worst part is, I think we are about to lose the support of our local hobby shops now that all of the chassis are being made by independent companies. The hobby shops usually have one or two big catalogs they buy from and now that we buy from these smaller places they cannot make major cash off of us. It is up to us to fill the void. We have to be more pro-active. Come December, I hope to be one of those filling that void. Who knows, It might happen.

Mackiv, I am always glad to see more Bay Area reps. We have Tengu and DR1FT EZ under the One Ten Drift Network banner and they are a real score. They are both old school and OG.

Thanks for the answers guys. Love to see more people out there and I will try to keep up with the forums here more often.
sup neil!!!!
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