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RC Drift Room work in progress
I recently started on working a room in my house where I can do RC drifting. I got these carpet tiles off Ebay for only $7 a tile, I originally ordered 60 tiles, but I got 40 tiles because they were running low, so the other 20 will be coming in as soon they get new shipments of them. These carpet tiles work amazing for drifting, and I love them. They have a Automotive/speaker box, outdoor style fabric carpet on top of a 5/8" thick foam construction helps insulate against sound. Each carpet tile is 2'x2', and the room I need to cover with these tiles are 12'x16'. I still have some old furniture in the room, but I'll be getting them out of the room so I can have more room to drift in. If you guys are interested in buying these carpet tiles so you can start your own rc drift room, or use these instead of using rolled up carpet, I'll be putting a link to these as soon they get these new shipments in.  Foam construction helps insulate against sound Foam construction helps insulate against soundFoam construction helps insulate against sound

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I've been using fatigue mat tiles from Harbor Freight. They work well but the grip is a little different than at my local drift track which uses carpet but I am able to use the same tires so it isn't bad. Picked them up on sale for $6.99 a package.
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