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RC Drift Wheels
(11-01-2012, 06:12 PM)driftmission Wrote:  These are some of my favorites, what are yours?
Vertex RC RG-D

Overdose Work Emotion CR Kiwami

Top-line DRS-10 Jupiters by Sobaya

HI...i'm marco and i'm writing from italy (so forgive my english!! :D)
I'm looking for advan rg-d wheels for my tamiya 1:10 and from here seems impossible to find it...can someone of us help me to find and collect it?
I'm trying to finish my honda integra with this set of wheels!!!!!
Please help me!!!
The only company that I know of that makes them are vertex t&e. Try tsuiso hobby

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Keep Drifting Fun
[Image: 9121590828_f56a93fe31_o.jpg]
nm Found what I was looking for sorry :/
Mikuni Work equip
[Image: 2_zpsfe667f8c.jpg]
(05-23-2014, 01:38 PM)DaN Wrote:  Mikuni Work equip
[Image: 2_zpsfe667f8c.jpg]

that reminds me of my old 86 1:1 car.
[Image: jydesytu.jpg]

Mst wheels on my freshly built subaru.
Got them from rcmart. com

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Comments or knowledge on HPI LP29/LP32/LP35 wheels and tyres?

Those volk racing replicas would look so good with couple yokohamas or bridgestones on them.

.jpg   3340_3341_01p_800_600.jpg (Size: 96.8 KB / Downloads: 27)

.jpg   33469_33469_01p_800_600.jpg (Size: 55.23 KB / Downloads: 24)
Some sick aluminium stuff from FireBrand RC
[Image: high_five_d2m_set_1.jpg]
Does anyone actually use aluminum rim on their car?
So much for clones from R2 (The Build). They wobbles so much I was so afraid they'd break CVD.
Now I use a cheap (from Banggood) but not clone set and everything's fine. They are not pretty... Actually they look kinda crap, to be honest.
[Image: oYKWesJ.jpg]

Next time I'll get a MST set.

I decided to give cheap wheels another shot. They are from Mxfans which I don't know if it's just a shop name or OEM for some other brands. But these are dirt cheap just almost 3 USD a set. I thought if this doesn't work I'll get HPI wheels.
Using them with tyres ripped from cheap Banggood's wheels... they are pretty good and work without any shake, to my surprise honestly.
[Image: uaQ6eQi.jpg]

Still haven't got time to go out and buy a paint. Candy red is what I'll do it. That's why I got a black wheels.
[Image: FQ8avns.jpg]

ps. Not relavant to the thread but that I just found out that Banggood tyres are rubber composite. Maybe that's why they are good on polished floor where I run.

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