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RC OMG Brushless 13.5T Motor Giveaway
What a great opportunity for our communities members. The Bauss strikes again...Good move
Thanks to all those who make this forum Great and Good luck everyone
Team Ghost Drift
[Image: TGD+official+WHITE+side+decal+Osaka-Sans...+edit1.png]
MST FS-01D cs@2.0
Yokomo DRB cs@1.8
Eagle  R31 RWD
This is an awesome idea!
Pick Me Me Me!!^^
Team Ghost Drift
[Image: TGD+official+WHITE+side+decal+Osaka-Sans...+edit1.png]
hope i win!
So want one for the new Soul RC track. 13.5T is perfect there :D
[Image: 9123805157_8fe7c0d400_n.jpg]
HPI Sprint 2 Drift / mid motor drift weapon
MST FS-01D / new work in progress
i rather have the 10,5 behind it XP
[Image: klein_zps220f616e.jpg]
shared on fb now aswell :)
Awesome contest. So nice of you guys to get this going for the forum members. Happy enough with just the info in here. : ) but I would surely like to win that as well
MST FS-01D >>> 2.00 CS
HPI Sprint 2 >>> 1.58 CS
This would be awesome 2 win I could do with a better motor
What to reply? This? Okay
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Sakura Zero S - Racer, part time drifter.
?????????? - ????

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