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RE-Xtreme FC3s in RE-Park.
[Image: RE-Xtreme_RC_RP_12.jpg]

I thought I'd show off what I've been working on recently.

My FC3s has been getting some upgrades and my new Personal test track is also up and running.

[Image: RE-Xtreme_RC_023.jpg]

This Blue FC3s body was a gift to me when I left Japan by my FC mad friend.
You can see this is how we started in Tandem Mode. It was a quick build but they looked great together.

[Image: Rextreme_RC_Track_FC_01.jpg]

We both had quite the selection of FC3s machines over the last year...

[Image: Rextreme_RC_Track_MO_09.jpg]

...and spent many hours thrashing them side by side. Twin Northcraft night was awesome!

[Image: Rextreme_TAKU_FC_20.jpg]

Anyway... I digress. I recently spent some time getting it up to my spec now that I'm back in Oz.
Another friend made some cut vinyl RE-Amemiya Graphics for me, so they went on also.

[Image: Rextreme_TAKU_FC_23.jpg]

I only recently finished it off with some NFS stickers and a load of JDM stuff I had lying around.
I also replaced the 4 round light setup we had with some BN sports squares I had lying around.
I reshaped the rear wing for a more concave feel and added an exhaust.

i only need to remove the window tint, so I can see my full interior.

[Image: Rextreme_TAKU_FC_24.jpg]

Anyway I also made a small track... about 6.5 meters in length and equates to a figure 8 with a switchback in the centre. I'm slowly decorating it as a photo spot and setting track.

[Image: Rextreme_TAKU_FC_25.jpg]

it's just cheap marine carpet. $30 a meter.

Video coming.
Nice bodies!
do you have a link to the carpet? im sure most of us here would love to know what it is.

on your blog you said its just outdoor carpet?
Keep Drifting Fun
[Image: 9121590828_f56a93fe31_o.jpg]
Did you buy the carpet at a marine store
I have always loved fc's ... Great bodies!!!
The underdog drifter....
[Image: 117.gif]
In Japan it was $10 a meter but only 150cm wide. 5'

In Australia it was $30 a meter but 2m wide at a DIY store. thats 6'4" for you emperials.

It's very thin. Marine carpet for small boat decks or truck trays.

I'm sure in the USA it would be super cheap. about 10-15$ per meter.

that small track was made from only a 4m length. cut out to about 6 meters

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