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RE-Xtreme FD3s NF-SPEC
Looks amazing! im almost finished my pandora FD but the pandora quality / finish is a little disappointing. May have to do a tamiya FD body next with the flairs like this.Never been a huge fan of flairs but this looks good
I just use the GT Power ones from RCMart. Cheap but effective. 12LED flash system for $7 Cant go whroung.?

Ive got 4 pandoras in the works.

My missile, the D1 asamoto replica and 2 more that I'm trying to fit HPI Stage D kits to.
the tamiyas need fenders because they are so narrow.

Pandora has a wide cockpit that looks wierd from some angles. the front and rear windows are a bit wide.
So amazing! !! Followed this on your blog. Glad to see yiu posted it up

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