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reasons to under drive the front wheels
I have been doing a whole heap of reading about the rc drift scene, and I have gained little more than I started with.

I understand that 50/50 is basically a stock runner, tuned the best you can, but has very little realism.

Counter steer, on the other hand is getting more control and added realism in the action of the car. Setups and tuning matter a whole heap.

There are many types of CS. From 1.3. to 2.0, and beyond. All are about over driving the rear wheels and one way spools up front. here is where my head scratching begins. I read that (i cannot remember where at this moment) there is a style of RC drift, where the front diff is under driven. By what amount I do not know. I am still trying to figure that out. But on the isle of Japan, CS is broken down into even more sections than i could believe. Each one has a name, and reason. I think tt a realism factor, but I am unsure.

So the question I have is this. Why spin the front diff a little slower than stock, or more? When the rear spool is at 1.8, or 2.0, or higher.

Is it so the front end is pulling the chassis around the corners that much slower/cleaner?

argh, the grey matter is in pain.

going back to research now


Edit/additional info:

what I was looking for was information about KOROGASHI. Apparently it is mostly technique, but one must have their car set up correctly.

I found some information that has led me to even more questions. For now I will ask this.

CS requires a one way spool up front, and a locked spool in the back? This allows for awesome looking rolling entries into turns and kicks the rear out, or rather allows it to slide.

The CS ratio is about how fast the rear spins in accordance with the front? This makes it easier to hang the rear out there in drift.

The Korogashi technique, uses the one way and CS ratio, But, the whole exercise is to find the point the front wheel roll along while the chassis is in a drift? it is all about control?

Or am I missing the picture some where?

Just want to use the correct verbage when talking drift rc,


Yes Korogashi is what you were looking for. The technique is based on pointing the front wheel in the same direction the car is rolling, while drifting, no more or less angle. The drift looks cleaner, smoother and a lot more realistic. There are other techniques I read about them, but can't find the links to it.
The major purpose of the front one way is to allow you to e-brake.
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