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Rocket Bunny FD3S [Rarelabs x P!PES]
One of my latest builds, the Rocket Bunny RX7 FD3S.


Tamiya Rx7 
Demi Works bodykit
Tamiya PS5 paint
Yokomo FMIC
Rarelabs Rocket Bunny v2 sheet
SpeedWay Pal Mesh wheels
Custom made P!PES exhaust in gold and black
Rarelabs 6666 customs licenseplates

[Image: PPES.RX7.RB.1_zpsw53vddab.jpg]

[Image: PPES.RX7.RB.2_zpscww5pufo.jpg]

[Image: PPES.RX7.RB.9_zpsi2ll3ikp.jpg]

[Image: PPES.RX7.RB.7_zpsvg3d4ygw.jpg]

[Image: PPES.RX7.RB.8_zpstoqsbyax.jpg]

[Image: PPES.RX7.RB.14_zpsz7abwe85.jpg]

[Image: PPES.RX7.RB.3_zps56bwrgoo.jpg]

[Image: PPES.RX7.RB.13_zpsmivjpzsv.jpg]

[Image: PPES.RX7.RB.15_zpsb6dkkvt4.jpg]
Lookin slick! Good work

Sent from my SM-T800 using RC Drift Handbook
Looks awesome. The Rocket Bunny FD is the next project on my bench.

Eagle Racing TT02 FRD
Sakura D3 & D4

Visit my blog: Mod19 RC
IG: @RexRacer19

[Image: IMG_2485c_zpsnoqm5qqh.jpg]
Thanks guys! yeah it was a really fun build, you have too look twice for the frontbumper where the lines are going but the rest is easy..

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