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Rusty Military NSX Drift Missile
Hey guys, been quite a while since my last thread but I recently took my Tamiya Raybrig Edition  NSX, which looked more and more lacklustre by the second, and managed to turn it into a rat/military-like drift missile  of some sort. Just goes to show what a bit of inspiration can do, cheers!

Started off like this:

.jpg   BLAH.jpg (Size: 45.08 KB / Downloads: 38)

Silver Tamiya paint, with the Raybrig sticker scheme.

Now, voilà :

.jpg   img_0066.jpg (Size: 466 KB / Downloads: 34)

Some shark-mouth stickers for a nice aggressive touch. >:D

.jpg   img_0063.jpg (Size: 511.71 KB / Downloads: 33)

Used some Citadel paints (Dark Red, Silver, Yellow, White)  for the rust and rain streaks, and
some smudged brown sharpies and brown paint for rust around the fenders.

.jpg   img_0070.jpg (Size: 496.56 KB / Downloads: 36)

Wheels are from the Yokomo APEX Mazda RX7, two of which are painted black.

.jpg   img_0071.jpg (Size: 553.59 KB / Downloads: 32)
Wire mesh for the headlights, as well as for one of the windows that I cut open. Found some big fog lights lying around, and decided to 'roughly' fit them onto the front bumper. There'r holes drilled into them for some LEDS I might put on someday.

Well that's it for now guys, got tons more pics but I've exceeded my MBs. XD Might add a few more details as I go, and even considering leaving it out in the backyard the whole winter to make the weathering even more drastic, ha. Peace.
[Image: shit.png]
Nice build

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