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rwd d4 body options
how do the d4 chassis fit on 260mm wheelbase bodies like abc and pandora?

does it work or does it just look stupid and hit fenders?

thanks! and sorry if this is a dumb question i just dont wanna waste money on a body that wont fit.
Can you measure your current wheelbase? I think D4 has 255mm which will fit HPI body perfectly.
And yes, if wheelbase of chassis and body are different the wheels will hit the body.
If the difference isn't much like 255mm body on 257mm chassis (like my HPI body on D3) it wouldn't effect how it looks that much. The rest will depend on how inventive choice of wheels, tyres and camber you run so the wheels won't scratch the wheel arches.

Example of 255mm body on 257mm chassis:
[Image: jyJw4qQ.jpg]
Sorry, no colours yet. Still haven't got a good weather to paint.

See my signature? This is the most presentable picture I took of my old body. This is the result of body doesn't match the wheelbase and width (and wheel offset) of the car.
It's a 2nd hand that came with the car which apparently got cut out a lot to accommodate the wheels and it looks absolutely awful. So I make a livery sticker to distract it from monstrosity.
Not to mention that the paint under the sticker are all peeled away.

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