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RWD Drift - Aluminum Wheel/Rim v.s. Plastic
I'm a pretty noob in the hobby world. My gf got me a MST set for Christmas and I've already stucked myself in it.
I'm building a new outlook with Tamiya AMG and when I come about rim/wheel selection, it frustrates me a little. The aluminum wheels look gorgeous and sturdy. But I'm not quiet sure if its a good fit for drifting compare to regular plastic ones.

I'll be maining running on concrete with MST shinny flat tires. My setup is simple RWD MST RMX 2.0s
Any feedbacks on the pros and cons are very much appreciated. Thanks!
Alloy wheels are nice and they add a bit of weight to aid traction BUT a lot of people don't run alloy wheels as the plastic ones act as a "crumple" component in the event of a high speed impact. Especially when you have alloy arms and knuckles etc, it's easier and cheaper to replace a plastic wheel than to have to buy a pair of alloy arms.
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