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Rwd drifter
I'll begin and say this is my first post here(:

Up to now I've been drifting an exceed mad drift which is not the best car to say the least. And after adding my own arduino with my own code has turned into a loads of fun.

Now looking for a rwd drifter on a budget. I saw the msd fxx ds, but it comes with a gyro, and because I plan on putting in my own, it's a waste. I also saw the Sakura d4 rwd. Any suggestions?
I will also like an electronics recommendation for whichever car you think is best.

Thank you,


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Two very different chassis'. Really, it comes down to what you prefer.

The FXX is an online motor at the front to prop operated rear bevel gears (through a reducer gearbox).

The D4RWD is a mid-rear lateral motor in front of the rear axle and powered by belt driven pulleys.

I prefer the FXX over the two as weight balance is more 50/50. The D4RWD becomes really rear heavy especially when people install the diffuser battery tray.

But I suppose that's the latest trend over the Far East; load up the rear and then put grippy/soft/rubber tyres up front 😧

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Thanks for the info. I'm leaning a bit more towards the d4rwd. The weight distribution will not be a problem because I plan in adding my fpv and control board and lots more fun stuff. Any inputs on budget electronics for that car?


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