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I started with a AWD as I was told that you couldn't learn to drift with a RWD. So after I drifted some with the AWD in my driveway I went to the local drift track. There most were running RWD, a couple of the guys there drifted my AWD but it didn't look like my AWD. While I was there I was able to try RWD with a YD-2 and a modified D4. Personally I like the way the YD-2 drifted so I bought one. I then had to unlearn some of what I had learned in AWD but all is good, I can now drift my YD-2 half way decent and only been at it a little over a month.

Do like the others have said go to the local drift track and see what the majority of them are running, my guess will be RWD as it is more realistic looking and even most of the setup will change over to a RC counterpart.
Exceed RC MadPulse awd


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