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RWD Testing
Great progress. - The video with the cs car looks very, very good. If you can do that on a slightly bigger track as well, I think you are there.
I need to get that rwd back together right now I think.^^

Did you update your complete setup by the way? Would be interesting to see, what you have changed and what weight distribution you are using?
Yeah I can do that. There is a few things I want to do before I show off the chassis. But I will try asap!

Promoting radio controlled drifting to the masses since 2009
Woah! Another nice PoV! Gotta get me one of those too! ^_^

You could try lowering the camera to get full view of the steering. Just to show off its very consistent countersteer.

I hope more and more convert to RWD so theyll realize sooner that RWD will takeover.

My Eagle Racing R31 modification and personal notes of it.
raw rwd edit... tandem practice wit datnis916. Its still a little rough but its progress....

Promoting radio controlled drifting to the masses since 2009
amazing jeremey!!! every time i see you drift rwd you make it seem so easy!
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