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SA Drifter
Ive just recently signed up as of about a minute ago :) I have used this website quite a lot for my rc drift addiction with just casually reading to looking at specific threads. I'm 23 from Australia, South Australia. I have been rc drifting for 7 months or so now. I currently have a Hot Bodies TC and as of today I have just bought an Eagle Racing VDF V3 from Broadtech.

Im very happy with their service I paid for it at 3:00pm Friday, and received an email with picture and delivery document as a pdf at 3:50pm that same day stating that it would be shipped out that day. I found the Eagle Racing VDF v3 via the DriftMission website and did my research into it, having a mate that bought a vdf II last week I rather enjoyed using it with the price the vdf from broadtech and the bit more you get with it, It was a steal for $244 delivered to Aus.

In stating that I would like to extend an enquiry to the Driftmission admins if they would like me to do a build thread on it when I receive it? Hopefully this week as I have the following week off, I have enough time to take pictures and document it so that anyone else that may be interested can see what the build quality is like etc etc.

Thanks Goodie
hey fellow south australian!
I'm an admin/co-founder of the Adelaide RC Drifters group. Check us out if you haven't already found us :) We hold drift meets in adelaide at HH (annually) and Warehouse Drift Meets (fortnightly) so hit us up for more info :)
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Welcome to DM!!
Welcome to DM!!
Keep Drifting Fun
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