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Sakura CS ackermann question
Hi people,
Can someone help me with Ackerman setting?
I'm just wondering what is better: same angle on both sides or different angle while in full lock?
This is what I have now.
[Image: ddfd8509a35bb90ac5c94631de645c40.jpg]
Yours looks... totally stock?

It depends on your driving style... if you like to cant the steering over full lock and control the angle with throttle mostly... then yeah "parallel" at full lock will give the best stability.

If it's "toe out" then it'll be very lively, very reactive to every little bump... probably too much IMHO. Might as well go RWD hehehe

The alloy rack + hopup CVDs gives bigger angle and a pretty neutral/parallel throughout the arc once you've fiddled with the linkages after installing.
[Image: MRCsig.gif]
@tamiya yeah that's right, I just received it. For now I have one way installed en some wide angle shafts :P
I think I'm gonna make it parallel and use the throttle
yeah keep it parallel along whole arc

sometimes might have to make a longer/adjustable link between the rack wiper arms

The alloy rack is wider so need to shorten the links to knuckle.
[Image: MRCsig.gif]
@tamiya so if I keep it parallel I'm gonna lose my toe setting?
well the main idea of zero Ackerman is that you're running near zero toein anyway and it remains same near zero toe throughout the steering arc...? And wheels point in direction of motion.

If you've got high caster &/or kingpin inclination then you'll also have some weight transfer happening towards the inner wheel. All else being equal, inner wheel should "pull" more stability.
[Image: MRCsig.gif]

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