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Sakura d3 a arm to y arm
Hello guys I'm posting about my Sakura d3 a arm to y arm conversation because I'm sure people still use the d3. This conversation was a long process about $130 to do this conversation the right way first I started with yokomo type c lower y arms then proceeded to active hobbie yokomo type c upper a arms now I'm on the final step and that is to stop the car from 3 wheeling it's when a wheel in the rear picks up and it rides on three wheel I have found the solution and it's a kit from 3racing it's called a rear camber mixing linkage it's for the d4 but anyway you have to put that in the front shock tower and that stops it from three wheeling because it moves one shock up and one shock down which make it level I have a video of a custom made one you can check out my instagram and see the process @_drift_garage and there is a picture of the setup i am shooting for with the parts from the d4 camber mixing linkage I hope this helps people who are using the d3 or wanting to do the same thing.

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